Pork Ribs BBQ

Finger-licking Rib Meat
(예감 쪽갈비)
Downtown, Daegu

The GoodTender ribs
Hands-on meal
Good service
Free cheesy corn and soup
The Bad  Limited sides
- Somewhat pricey
Best for: Groups, drinking, fun downtown meal   

   예감 쪽갈비 is one of those names with no direct English translation.  So here's a long-winded explanation instead.  Let's start in reverse with the easy word. 갈비 is rib meat, pork in this case.  쪽 ("jjoke") is onomatopoeia for lip-smacking or finger-licking, the Korean version of "mwah."  예 and 감 repetitively refer to sensing the five senses.  In short, the name promises ribs in a full sensory experience: the usual sight, smell and taste of a meal in addition to the sound of 쪽 and the touch of eating with your hands.

But when things turn hot you may need to wear protection...

The menu offers 쪽갈비 in two-person servings, which is 1kg of ribs.  They come in two styles: normal 쪽갈비 for \25,000 and 매운쪽갈비 (spicy) for \26,000.  Or try a combo of both for \26,000.  They also offer 생족구이 (pig foot, similar to Jokbal) for \25,000.

Both styles were tender and delicious.  However, the regular 쪽갈비 were more enjoyable and went well with their excellent dipping 간장 (soy sauce).   The marinated style was extremely spicy and a bit of a challenge in my opinion.  Try ordering them 소스 따로 주세요 ("so-seuh dda-lo joosayo"), meaning sauce separately.

Side dishes were sparse, but the tray of 콘치즈 ("corn cheese") was a welcome treat.  The 된장찌개 (fermented bean-paste soup) is also free here, as long as you order a serving of 공기밥 (rice).

"Where you from?"  Pork ribs from Hungary, pork feet from Chile and homegrown rice from the ROK.

 예감 쪽갈비 is a somewhat new establishment, according to the owner.  It's just under a year old, but popularity is already booming.  This sizable placed was completely packed on a Friday night, with only two waiters frantically covering all 15 tables (if no seating, try these ribs a few buildings down).  Service was still great though, thanks to their hard work and a few of the restaurant's features.

First, the owner mass-grills ribs in the front oven.  The spicy variety are quickly mixed in a sauce bowl, while the plain variety are plopped directly onto your table grill.  Second, a limited selection of side dishes means less calls for bringing  더 주세요 ("more please").

Most of all, soon after being seated they place an ice bucket full of Soju bottles at your feet.  Instead of yelling 저기요 ("hey there!") for a new bottle just grab one yourself!  This innovation not only reduces labor, but its convenience may also induce greater Soju consumption.


예감 쪽갈비 is located downtown near 중앙로역 (Jungangno Station).  From the station, walk out of exit #1 and make your first right.  It's about 2 minutes or a dozen buildings down on your right, just before the first 4-way intersection.

From the stage, with your back to the front of the stage, take your first left.  Keep going straight, across the Jungangno Mass Transit Street.  It's 2 minutes down on your right.

The Address is: 대구광역시 중구 중앙대로81길 34
See map

It's on the same street the cheap BBQ and galbijjim, as well as the "Rusty Drum" whole ribs.  

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