Sushi Buffet

Koo-oo Koo-oo - (쿠우쿠우)
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ All you can eat Sushi!!
+ Reasonably priced
+ Nice views of downtown
+ New and clean
The Bad   - Not the highest quality Sushi
- Pricey beer/no Soju :(
Best for:  Dates, lunchtimes

All you can eat sushi for \11,900 at lunchtime and \14,900 at dinner (\14,900 all day on weekends)!  There is a wide selection of sushi- about 20 meters wide.  It includes, but is not limited to, salmon, tuna, crab, oyster, squid, octopus, shrimp, caviar, egg, bacon, veggies and cheese.  The amount of variation and creativity is impressive.

No filling up on only the meat and leaving the rice.  Someone has already thought of that.  Now the menu warns of a 5,000krw charge for leftover food.

The most popular item - also the most expensive not coincidentally - is the quality American beef.  You have to be lucky or patient to get your hands on this.  People descend on a new tray like a pack of hungry beavers and empty it immediately.

Fill yourself up quicker with some chicken, french fries, spaghetti, soups, bulgogi, and the like.  Make room for more with a trip to the salad/fruit bar.  Then top it off with some smoothies or ice cream.  Wine is \20,000 a bottle (and up).   My mound of wasabi alone made it a worthwhile experience.

A big place, with maybe 30 tables.  The central tables are comfortable booths and the outer ones along the windows provide lovely views of downtown.  It's a new and clean restaurant. The place isn't super fancy, but who cares.  They probably don't want people sitting around for too long, hence no soju.  There is beer but only over-priced imports sold separately.  Sometimes the place is packed even on weekday afternoons.

Next to the stage downtown, it's in the same building as the Burger King.  Enter the building underneath the Bennigans.  Take the elevator to the 8th floor.

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For higher quality (and pricier) sushi, try this legendary sushi bar nearby.

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