Babwich (바뷔치)
All around Daegu

The Good+ Spicy Kimbap!
+ Cheap meals
+ Delicious smoothies
+ Filling 'Toasts'
The Bad  - Mediocre cold sandwiches
Best for: Quick bite, lunchtimes, solo      

This chain of fast food restaurants is known as Babwich... I'm guessing because that sounds more appetizing than Kimsand.  Pronounced "bah-bwee-chee" (바뷔치), they specialize in kimbaps and sandwiches.

Their kimbap (김밥) menu may seem short, but it has more inspiration and flavor than your common Orange Kimbap places.  A longtime favorite is the maecham kimbap (매참김밥), meaning "spicy tuna kimbap."

Spicy/Sweet Kimbap (매콤김밥)

I recommend passing on the cold, pre-made sandwiches, which may be quick and convenient but hardly better than the packaged ones at 7/11.  For a more satisfying meal choose from a variety 'Toast' (토스트) sandwiches.   They are cooked on the spot, loaded with sauce and come with veggies, cheese and two extra syllables.

I recommend this guy, the "Hot Fire Rib-meat Toast" (핫불갈비토스트):

Variety Toast (모듬토스트)

Many of their toasts and sandwiches are English words, like ham (햄) and cheese (치즈).  But for those that aren't, here's a translated menu.

Babwiches radiate the bright and plastic consumer vibe of your average fast food joint, (similar to your local Bongousse Bap-berger).  Accordingly it's no place to hang out and there's no alcohol.

Water is self-service.  So is clearing your table.

Babwich has 9 locations throughout Daegu.  Their business/stamp card list them and their phone numbers:

중앙로 (Junangno), 경북대 (Kyungbook University), 범어 (Beomeo), 영남대 (Yeongnam University), 성서 (Seong-seo), 대곡 (Daegok), 동성로 (Dongseongno), 침산 (Chimsan), and 각산 (Gaksan).

See locations on Naver Map

The one pictured here is the Beomeo location, near Su-Seong Office Station (수성구청역) on the green line (line #2).  Walk out of exit #2, and it's a few buildings down on your left, next to a Dunkin Donuts.

Have you been to a Babwich?  What's your favorite kimbap or sandwich?

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  1. I sometimes sneak in here for a smootie amd some spicy kimbab. Super cheap