Pork Galbijjim

Squid/Pork Bulgogi
(오삼 불고기)
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Cheap
+ Excellent side dishes
+ Empty and quiet, usually
+ Dishes as well as table BBQ
The Bad   - Not the most exciting atmosphere
- Not the highest quality meat
Best for: Small groups, solo, drinking

My favorite dish here is the 갈비찜 정식, or Galbijjim meal (pictured at top, right side).  It's pork stewed in a sauce with potatoes, noodles, onions and mushrooms for only \5,500.  They provide an impressive array of side dishes, including egg cakes, many different veggies in sauce, and 된장찌개 (dwen-jan-jji-gae) or bean-paste soup (unless a soup is your main order).  Even to a solo person they give the same amount of sides as they would to a group, making it a worthwhile spot to grab some lunch alone.  They offer reasonably-priced pork and beef to be grilled at your table, as well as a few soups (see menu below).  Their title dish is a marinated pork and squid dish, although I've never tried it to be honest.  The Galbijjim meal is so fulfilling that I've ordered it most of the times I've been there.

*Note:  Galbijjim can be either pork or beef depending on the place.  Here it is pork

**Note Note:  Galbijjim should not be confused with Jjimgalbi, a similar dish except always beef and very spicy.  The former is a nation-wide dish, while the later is strictly a Daegu specialty.  Local chefs rearranged the names to distinguish the two.

It's a decent sized place, with around ten tables with floor seating and seven with chairs.  Throughout most of the day the place is empty, except for the 2 or 3 ajummas preparing food and watching TV.  However, due to the surrounding commercial areas, hordes of office workers fill the place at lunchtime.

Downtown near Jungangro Station.  Take exit 1 and make an immediate right down the side street. One block down on your right, it's the building with green signs.

It's next to the "Rusty Drum" whole ribs and a few buildings down from the "Finger-licking" short ribs.

See map

On the top half are meats to be grilled at your table; the top-left quadrant is pork(sam-gyup-sal or dwae-jee) and the top-right is beef (so-gal-bee-sal).  The two vertical boxes tell the beef's nationality, with the top one, "Made in this country," being more expensive than the American beef below.  The bottom left section lists the served meals.  They are, from the top: 1. fish (pollack) soup, 2. kimchi soup, 3. bean-paste soup, 4. galbijjim meal (shown in 1st pic, right), 5. gabli soup (shown in 1st pic, left), and 6. squid/pork bulgogi meal.  The bottom right is alcohol: soju, beer, Korean saki and white wine.


  1. P.S. It says, among the below half menu says that 오삼불고기정식(Squid/Pork bulgogi for meal) is only available when ordered more than 2!

  2. I was trying to find this place yesterday but it seems it's not there any more...