Whole Ribs BBQ

늑슨드럼통: 통갈비
"Rusty Drum: Whole Ribs"
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Big meat, big grill
+ Substantial sides
+ Interesting outdoorsy vibe
The Bad  - A little pricey
- Limited menu
Best for: groups, drinking, large carnivores


늑슨드럼통's trademark is their rusty oil drum tables with extra-wide grills.  They barbecue whole pork ribs, meaning the entire fleshy area from rib to skin.  These massive hunks of meat are 100% guaranteed fresh from Korean pigs, according to their menu (see below).  

After being pre-grilled up front, a skilled waiter delivers a rib or two to your table for a theatrical yet precise preparation.  (The menu warns of a 20-minute wait for meat due to pre-grilling.  It suggests calling in advance to prevent this.)

The rib, skin and meat are separated and organized for easy access.  The wide grills allow peripheral stacks to stay warm while awaiting consumption.  Pigskin (top of picture), also known as 껍데기, is soft and chewy, but has skin-rejuvenating proteins.

There's plenty of room for 김치 (kimchi), 버엇 (mushrooms), and 마늘 (garlic) on the grill.
They also bring out 배추 겉절이 (non-fermented kimchi), 콩나물국 (bean-sprout soup), and a 김치전 (kimchi pancake).

I recommend eating the meat in tandem with side veggies and sauces for extra juiciness and flavor.

Gettin' 찌개 (jji-gae) with it!  It's an extra \2,000 for 된장찌개 (bean paste soup) and \3,000 for 김치찌개 (kimchi soup).
The 1돈 바베큐 ("one group barbecue") is \44,000 for 1kg, the 커플 메뉴 ("couple menu") is \35,000 for 800g, etc.  Below that are recommended portion sizes per number of people.
 The meat may have girth, but maybe they overcompensate just a tad.  It's like a hotdog in a hallway.

늑슨드럼통 has only been open a few months, but already fills up for weekend dinnertime.  The venue is, like their meat, quite large.  There are a few tables outside and about 15 inside.  Despite being a balcony, the outer area has an indoor vibe, with solid floor beams and tented walls and roof.  Conversely, the interior sports an outdoor vibe, with gravel floors and tree-bark walls.

Towards the front is the preparation area.  Here the giant meat slabs are unpacked, sliced and pre-cooked on the granddaddy of all grills. 


It's located downtown near 중앙로역 (Jungangno Station).  Walk out of exit #1 and make a quick right.  It's a few buildings down on your right, just after the green 오삼불고기.

The Address is: 대구광역시 중구 중앙대로81길 20
See map

Update:  늑슨드럼통 is a chain with 4 other locations in Daegu.  See map.

Pictured below is the original location near Beomeo.

If the place is booked, or are looking for a different style of ribs, try the short pork ribs just a few buildings down.

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