Variety Skewers

Bachelors' Skewers
Many locations, Daegu

The Good+ Huge variety
+ Try a little of everything
+ For a few bucks each
+ Nice and comfortable 
The Bad  - Can add up to an expensive meal
- Need a translator
Best for: Groups, dates, drinking, trying many meats

This place is all about the 꼬치, or skewers.  The selection is impressive, with 100 items on the menu.  (see the translated menu below.  The lovely Seanie Lee says "you're welcome.")  For between \1,000 and \3,000 each, choose skewers of veggies, beef, chicken, duck, seafood or mixtures thereof.   Or leave your fate to the chefs with a reasonably-priced variety set.

It's a great opportunity to try things that maybe new and strange, like chicken hearts, feet or gizzards, pigskin, blood sausage, quail eggs or duck. I also recommend the pork or bacon wraps.  Can't go wrong with things wrapped in bacon.  mmmmm...

닭안심, or chicken breast.

닭똥집, or chicken gizzard (literally "chicken
 poop-house") and 삼겹살 팽이버섯 깻잎
 말이, or pork winter-mushroom
sesame leaf roll.

Spicy 껍질, or pig skin.
We usually ask them to cook it
extra crispy.
The Croquettes.  Four different flavors,
a decent investment.
일본라면 (돈코츠), or Japanese ramen.
7,000krw to order, then only 1,500krw
to refill the soup (no extra noodles)

It's a decent sized place, with around 15 tables.  The back side has a bar you can sit at and watch them grill the skewers.  There are also display cases with prepared skewers you can view and select.  However, these are often empty and skewers are created upon ordering.

The food makes great 안주 (anjoo), or food eaten while getting drunk.  So the place can get crowded and rowdy late at night.

It's a franchise, with many locations around Daegu. (click for map of locations around Daegu)

This one is Downtown, at the address: 동성로 4길 34번지 (click for map of downtown location)

It's located on 'club street,' on a short side street just before Frog and Monkey.  Coming from the fire station, head into downtown and make your first left.  Then it's the second side street on your left, just after the CNS 24 and Japan Bar.


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