Fried Chicken

Won-Ju Fried Chicken
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Amazing Fried Chicken
+ Delicious sauce
+ Decent price
The Bad  - No side dishes
Best for: Anytime and any group size that craves chicken!

They offer three chicken dishes (written vertically on menu, see pic):
1) 야채찜닭 (yah-chae jjim-dalk), chicken stewed with veggies in a spicy sauce: \17,000 for two people
2) 양념통닭 (yang-nyum tong-dalk), fried chicken in sauce: \15,000 for two
3) 튀김통닭 (tuee-gim tong-dalk) plain fried chicken: \14,000 for two
The other items are, in order, rice, beer, soju and soft drinks.

The 2nd is by far my favorite chicken.... ever.  The sauce is, for lack of a better word, indescribable.  "Perfect" doesn't do it justice.  And "orgasmic" would be inappropriate.  It's what the French call a certain "I don't know what."  And despite oozing with syrupy goodness, the chicken is still extra crispy.  They must have mastered the sauce timing, so the chicken becomes fully marinated but not soggy.  Whatever their secret, the place has been famous for over 30 years, so... yeah.

 Anyway... the chicken is fried upon ordering, so you may have to wait a bit.  But it's totally worth the freshness.  This place makes any other chicken seem downright fowl, poultry at best.

There's plenty of seating, around 20 tables, both chaired and on the floor.  However, It never seems to be super busy, despite being well-known for over three decades.  I guess compared to other types, such as Korean BBQ, a sit-down chicken joint is not a popular destination when going out to eat downtown.  But it's still a great setting and meal to enjoy with a few beers.

The heavens parted, and angels shone blessings of light
upon my fried chicken.
It's located downtown, in a small dead-end alley.  Facing the bay doors of 삼덕소방서 (Samduk Fire Station) turn right and walk down to the next light (across from the 삼덕파출소(Samduk Police Station)).  Turn left at the light and pass two side streets.  Look for a pizza parlor, ingeniously named "Pizzeria."  It's the alley between Pizzeria and 이찌로, a Japanese cutlet place.

It's also near the stage, by the Burger King and McDonald's.  Facing the front of the stage, take the street on your left.  The alley is one and a half blocks down on your right.

 Address: 대구광역시 중구 공평동 56-3
 See map

Check out some chicken, Korean style, with:
  • Spicy chicken stew (jjimdalk), near Samduk Fire Station
  • Spicy chicken stir-fry (dalkgalbi), near the stage downtown
  • Chicken Gizzards (dalkddongjeep), at Pyunghwa Market
  • Nutritious chicken and ginseng soup (samgyetang), downtown

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