Japanese Beef

야끼니꾸 유끼
"Yaggi-Niggu Yuggi"
Downtown, Daegu

Yaggi-Niggu Yuggi is a well-known beef BBQ restaurant, specializing in Wagyu.  This Japanese breed is renown for its finely marbled beef and relative healthiness.  Compared to other beef, it has the highest levels of unsaturated fat and the lowest of saturated fat, according to their poster.  They offer a variety of beef cuts ranging in price from sorta expensive to "holy cow that's expensive." 

The "Yuggi Wagyu Set" (유끼와규 세트) offers a sampling of four cuts at a slight discount.  From top left they are "fresh rib meat" (생갈비살), thin skirt meat (안창살), "bon rib meat" (본갈비살), and "nuekgan rib meat" (늑간갈비살).

The set is 100g of each, 400g total.  It costs 39,000krw and should be enough for 2-3 people.  Let's take a closer look at each of the four cuts:

1) The most expensive of the Set is the fresh (생) rib (갈비) meat (살).  Cook the slab rare or medium then cut to maintain juiciness.  Separate 100g servings cost 14,900krw.

2) Next is anchangsal (안창살), Thin Skirt cut from the cow's plate, or area beneath the stomach.  It has a brittle texture and seems more flavorful than the others, making my favorite of the four. Separate 100g servings cost 12,900krw.

3) Third is another rib meat (갈비살) called "bon" (본), a name most likely created by the restaurant.  It's tougher than the others, similar to a steak.  It's the second most expensive of the four, with separate 100g servings at 13,900krw.

4) The least expensive is the "nuekgan rib meat" (늑간갈비살), the intercostal meat between the ribs.  It's the fattiest and most chewy, but still flavorful.  Separate 100g servings cost 9,900krw.

There is a larger set for 59,900krw, which is 500g and includes the higher quality meats.  This includes "snowflower meat" (눈꽃살) and "special stomach meat" (특양), the two most expensive cuts of all [not pictured here].

Bean-paste soup (된장찌개) is a salty complement and soju-chaser.  It comes in a rice/soup set (매콤된장밥) for 2,000krw.

Yaggi-Niggu Yuggi is a two-floor restaurant with about 10 tables on each.  The place is often packed on weekends due to its fame, even into the wee hours.  Despite the crowds and alcohol consumption, the vibe never seems too loud, and even the music is relatively tame.

The decor is thoroughly Japanese, with the requisite samurai gear, saki bottles and wavey cats adorning the shelves and walls.

Yaggi-Niggu Yuggi is downtown, very near Samduk Fire Station (삼덕소방서).  With your back to the Station's bay doors, bolt directly across traffic and down the adjacent side-street.  It's a few buildings down on your right, across from Noisy Burritos.....a.k.a Caliente.

The Address is: 대구 중구 삼덕동2가 143-2
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The Good  
+ Quality, juicy beef
+ Nice atmosphere
+ Good service
+ Variety of cuts
The Bad   
- Expensive
- Sometimes no seats
Best for: Fancy dinners, small groups, dates, drinking 

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