Deep-fried Street Food

Deep-fried Street Food
(튀김 - tuee gim)

Mmmmm battered and deep-fried snacks... What's not to love about tuee-gim (튀김)?  You can find them just about anywhere, they're cheap, quick and tasty.  Well, usually tasty.

Quality can be hit or miss, depending on the vendor and how long ago their snacks were deep-fried before finding them.  Minutes can mean the difference between crispy and soggy, delicious and "meh."

[Language tip:  try asking 데워주세요 (dae-wuh joosayyo) to have it reheated]

The other day I was lucky enough to come across a vendor setting up shop around noon. I was able to witness the cooking process, which the friendly adjushi let me document to share with you:

Dip in the flour batter...

...deep-fry in cooking oil..

...and serve!

Best of all, I got to sample each type fresh from the pan: 

Egg (계란)

Pepper (고추) stuffed with noodles and veggies

Sweet potato (고구마)

Seaweed rolls (김말이).  Usually noodles, but rice (김밥) here.
Other common types are shrimp (새우, top-center), squid (오징어, bottom-right), and an assorted veggie mix (야채, not pictured here).  Price is 500w each as usual, although sometimes it's higher, like 800w or 3 for 2,000w.
Other dishes at market vendors often include:
Japchae (잡채), sweet potato noodles

Ddeokbokki (떡볶이), spicy rice cakes.

...and good ol' kimbap (김밥)

This particular vendor, which I highly recommend, you'll fiind along the northeast corner of DongGu Market (동구시장) in HyoMok Dong....
[Open Naver Map]

...but you can find them on any corner in the city.  Enjoy!

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