Mung Bean Pancake (Bindaeddeok)

Gyodong Bindaeddeok
in Gyodong Market, Downtown

Bindaeddoek (빈대떡) is a fried "Korean pancake."  Not to be confused with flour-based "pancakes" (e.g. pajun), the batter of bindaeddeok is made strictly from mung beans.  They're only 1000krw each and served immediately upon ordering.

As a light vegetarian dish, soy sauce makes the best dip and makgeolli makes the best alcohol pairing.

Gyodong Bindaeddeok has the exterior of a market booth and the interior of a small bar, with a wrap-around table and about 8 stools.  The interior was quite full on this particular day due to the rain, the roof and the makgeolli.  But it's usually empty, with most customers asking for takeout (포장해 주세요, "po-jang hay jew-say-yo").

A closer look at the makery.  These four large pans never rest.

It's Delicious enough for TV... and so can you!

They also sell kimchi, kimchi soup and soup with kimchi.  If you like the spicy (not sour or salty) variety get it here for 4000krw per sack.  You can also grab a sack of their bindaeddeok batter as well as flat mandu.

From the stage downtown, walk off the front of the stage, pass the no-man's land of perfume and makeup shops, with the movie theater and the Kyobo Books building to your left, cross the new crosswalk towards Daegu Station.  

After a few minutes and past the first vehicular intersection, Gyodong Market is a small alley to your right:

After the first stretch of street-food vendors, between a cluster of shoe and clothing vendors, the Bindaeddeok place is down an even smaller alley to your left:

Sorry, no parking.

The Address is: 대구 중구 교동 67-12
See map

The Good+ Inexpensive meal
+ Quick snack
+ Explore the market scene
+ *
The Bad  - Limited seating
- *
Best for:  takeout, solo, duo, vegetarians

* Have you been here?  Comment below to add your feedback :)


  1. Thank you for your articles! My husband lives in the Daegu area and we are able to go try so much delicious, local food because of your articles! I am looking forward to going here!

    1. Thanks for the comment Ashley! Hope you get to enjoy some bindaeddeok :)