Sushi Bar

Sushi Rogga (스시이로까)
Downtown, Daegu

A while back we reviewed a downtown sushi buffet.  The newly-built place was large and modern, with heaps of sushi at bargain prices.  However, it was relatively low quality, leaving many sushi fanatics unfulfilled.

Enter Sushi Rogga, the exact opposite type of place.

This popular sushi bar has been around 10 years, acclaimed by TV networks and over 200 local bloggers.  If you're lucky to find an open seat in this tiny restaurant you'll enjoy some quality fish, such as "fresh salmon" (생연어) and "straight-from-its-home trout" (산지직송어종).  Only one was noticeably frozen [see tuna belly below].  Nonetheless, their generous slabs of meat and diverse menu [translated at bottom] offer multiple paths to deliciousness.

Combo plates are convenient for sampling a wide variety.  Choose a size (10p or 12p) and the quality ('general' or 'special').  The 'general' combos include cheaper pieces like tofu wraps and eggs, while the 'special' are all meat.  Place your order with the chefs and watch them prepare your trays.

Let's check out the large (12pc) 'Special' (고급) Variety Sushi (모듬 초밥): 
It comes on two trays of 6 pieces each.  Soy-marinated shrimp (간장새우), king crab (대게), salmon (연어), mullet (밀치), red seabream (참돔) and flounder (광어).
Shrimp (새우), mackerel (고등어), scallop (가리비), clam (조개) and beef (소고기).  The 6th item, pictured below, are 2 rolls of bluefin tuna (참다랑어).

Or customize with single orders of sushi and various appetizers.

A set of "fish-egg hand-wrapped sushi" (날치알 손말이김초밥) for 3,000.

Their "king shrimp deep-fried" (왕새우 튀김).  Comes with two shrimp and two onion rings for 3,000.  The slimy raw shrimp and crispy breaded exterior combine for a unique taste. 

This delicacy is served under its Japanese name, Otoro (오토로), translated as bluefin tuna belly (참다랑어 대뱃살).  Otoro is 5,000 per one piece [yes, that's 10,000krw of sushi pictured here], making it by far the most expensive.  Disappointingly it's also the only sushi that had clearly been frozen.  Nonetheless, it's still buttery and delicious.  

The other 'single serving' options are all two pieces per listed price, like both of these fresh salmon (생연어) for 2,000krw.   

Thick Korean noodles, or U-dong (우동), are a cheap means of filling your stomach. 

Seating is limited at Sushi Rogga, intentionally so.  Like most raw meat restaurants (whether seafood or beef), only a certain amount is stocked and served each day, a quality-over-quantity model.  So wrapping around the three busy chefs in the central kitchen are only 8 bar seats and 3 booths.  Wrapping around those are waiting benches, often packed with people, especially during peak dining hours.

If you'd like to avoid the crowds order takeout (포장).  The menu has a whole section devoted to takeout, mostly 12p combos as well as other dishes and sushi rolls [see menu at bottom].  Prices are 2,000krw lower this way, and you can dine elsewhere at your own leisure.  

Another offer worth mentioning is their "Workday Lunch Special" (평일런치), available Mon-Fri, 12-3pm.  It includes 6 pieces of sushi and either U-dong noodles or a rice/veggie/egg mix for only 4,900krw.

Like their Facebook page for some complementary sushi.

Sushi Rogga is downtown, 4 seconds from Jungangno Station (중앙노역).  Walk out of the second exit.  At the second crosswalk, make a left just after the Hana Bank (하나은행).  It's the second building to your left, on the second floor above a Mini Stop.

The Address is: 대구광역시 중구 남일동 109-2
See map

Final Score: 9/10
The Good+ Fresh Sushi
+ High(er) quality
+ Variety and custom orders
+ Generous meat portions
The Bad  - High(er) price
- Busy, limited seating
Best for: Dates, small groups, non-peak hours


Sushi Menu
Workday Lunch (6p + noodles or mixed rice)
General Variety A (10p)
General Variety B (12p)
Special Variety A (10p)
Special Variety B (12p)
Flounder (10p)
Fish Set (10p) flounder + salmon + tuna + trout
Salmon Set (10p) fresh + fried + onion + topping
Shrimp Set (10p) blue + steamed + avocado mayo
Beef (10p)
Freshwater Eel (10p)

Food Menu
U-dong noodles
Soba noodles
Mixed rice bowl
Sashimi on rice
Abalone porridge
Freshwater eel on rice
Takeout Menu
Variety (12p)
Special Variety (12p)
Flounder Variety (12p)
Fish Variety (12p)
Shrimp Variety (12)
Abalone porridge
Freshwater eel
California Roll
Alaska Roll

Rolls and Handwraps 
Fish egg handwrap 
Beef handwrap
California roll
Alaska roll

Deep Fried Menu
Deep Fried Shrimp (2p)

Salad Menu
Salmon salad
Shrimp salad
Clam [pen shell] salad

Cheese cake
Single Sushi Menu (2p)
Blue or steamed shrimp
Tuna gill
Conger eel
Freshwater eel
Otoro (bluefin tuna belly) 1p
Red crab meat

Drink Menu
Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin
Hile Saki
Guksanjeongchong Dogguli
Ilsancheongju Doguli
Dutch Saki

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