"Sesame Noodles"

Su-Seong Gu, Daegu

The Good+ Great soups with sesame flavor
+ Tender pork
+ Friendly staff
+ Choose noodle soup and/or meat
The Bad  Only noodle soup and/or meat
- Almost only floor seating
Best for: Groups, drinking, trying a Korean specialty

Guksu (국수) refers to a dish with thick, flour-based noodles, usually mixed with veggies in a broth.  Here at Sesame Noodles, their trademark is loading their Guksu with the bold flavor of sesame seeds.  While prices are low, this place doesn't take the prize for "cheapest noodles." Instead they receive a more coveted ROKin' Daegu award: "most delicious noodles." 

They offer two types (see translated menu below):

1.  First is Kal-guksu (칼국수).  It's served hot and its broth is clear and somewhat bland.  You can add some soy sauce and salt for flavor, although I still recommend the second dish.

2.  The Kong-guksu (콩국수) is their award-winner, well worth the extra \2,000.  Its broth is flavored with beans (콩) and is incredibly thick and creamy.  I'd describe it as a healthier and more wholesome relative of a milkshake.  Served cool, it can be refreshing on a hot day.  Even on a not-so-hot day it makes a tasty and satisfying meal. 

     They also offer Su-yuk (수육), which is steamed pork similar to Bossam.  The menu specifies the cut is samgyupsal (삼겹살), meaning the "3-layers of flesh" from around the pig's belly.  This dish famous for being Anju (안주), a.k.a. a chaser for Soju shots.

    Be sure to eat Su-Yuk with combinations of the mandatory side dishes, pictured and translated here.

    1. 새우 (say-ooo) - Small salty shrimp
    2. 양파 (yang-pah) - Onions in sour soy sauce
    3. 상추 (sang-choo) - Lettuce
    4. 양파 (yang-pah) - Onions, again.
    5. 고추 (go-choo) - Peppers. Some spicy, some not.
    6. 마늘 (ma-nuhl) - Garlic
    7. 쌈장 (ssam-jang) - "Lettuce-wrap sauce."  Made from bean paste and pepper paste.
    8. 김치 (kimchi) - Kimchi served with Bossam is usually freshly made, so it's crunchy and not sour.

    A perfect meal for two: a small Su-yuk for \ 10,000; one Kong-guksu for \ 6,500 and a bottle of Soju.
    Total price: \ 19,500

    The main dining area has 8 tables, all floor seating.  There are also a few secluded and single-table dining areas, also with floor seating.  The only non-floor seating are the few picnic tables in the main entrance area where the staff usually hang out.  The 4 or 5 middle-aged workers seem to be super friendly and helpful.

    Sesame Noodles is located in Suseong-gu (수성구) just south of Daegu Bank.  By subway, take the green line (line #2) to Daegu Bank Station (대구은행역) and walk out of exit #2.  At the top of the steps, make a U-turn back towards the interection.  At the intersection make a right.  You'll see 참께국수 a few buildings down on your right.  It's set back from the main road, behind its driveway/courtyard.

    The Address is: 대구광역시 수성구 1가 38-24
    See map

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