Flat Dumplings

 Mi-Sung-Dang Dumplings
(미성당 만두)
near Seomun Market, Daegu

The Good + Incredibly low priced
+ A Daegu specialty
+ 50-year reputation
+ Healthy (see nutrition table)
The Bad- Limited selection
- Not fancy
Best for: Quick meals, lunchtimes, solo

Flat dumplings are strictly a Daegu dish, like jjimgalbi or makchang.  They are slices of dough folded over tiny portions of noodles and veggies, then fried in oil and topped with more veggies.  They are somewhat bland alone, so add some soy sauce, pepper powder and more soy sauce (in that order, according to the ajjuma).

Also for flavor, eat the dumplings together with Jole-myun (쫄면), which is noodles and veggies mixed with spicy pepper paste.

An order of flat dumplings and an order of jole-myun together seems to be the tastiest and most popular combo.  It only costs ₩6,500 for two people!

Translated Menu
  • flat dumplings (nap-jak man-du) 
  • thick noodle soup (u-dong)
  • spicy noodles and veggies (jole-myun) 
  • ramen noodles (la-myun)
Below states the origins of the ingredients.  pepper powder: Chinese.  flour: American.  pickled radish: Korean.  spring onions: Korean.

Nutrition facts for their two main dishes:

  The flat dumplings (납작만두) is 352g per 1-person serving. Stats are 334 calories, made of 93% carbs (탄소화물), 6% protein (단백질), and 1% fat (지방), and has 517mg of sodium (나트륨).

The spicy noodles and veggies dish (쫄면) is 309g per 1-person serving.  Stats are 407
 calories, made of 80% carbs (탄소화물), 14% protein (단백질), and 6% fat (지방), and has 693mg of sodium (나트륨).

The chart pictured top-right is recommended daily calorie intake per age and gender.

The original Misungdang is a small shop on the outskirts of Seomun Market.  Its seven tables are usually full and its team of four workers are busy.   Established in 1963, a 50-year reputation is enough to ensure a steady business.  They sure aren't relying on their old and faded billboard, which reads "40 years of original flavor" (40년 전통의 맛).   

Taking out seems to be a popular option.  The quick-grilling flat dumplings and pre-assembled noodle dishes are the ultimate fast food.  Just follow your order with "pojang joosayo" (포장주세요).  See ordering in Korean page

There are a few locations throughout Daegu:

  • In Bukgu, near Buk-bi-san Intersection (북비산네거리). See map
  • In Dalseogu, near Sangin Station (상인역). See map
  • The original, pictured here, is near Seomun Market (서문시장). See map 

To reach the original, take the green line (line #1) to Seomun Market Station (서문시장역).  Walk out exit #3 and it's just after the first traffic light, on the opposite side of the street.


  1. Thank you for your restaurant reviews. Not being able to hangul, your reviews have led me to try delicious Korean food I otherwise would have missed out on.

  2. My pleasure. Thanks for the comment :)