Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken (Dalk Galbi) 2

Dae-Ha Spicy Stir-fried Chicken
(대하 닭갈비)
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Best 닭갈비 (dalk galbi)
+ Great location
The Bad   - Higher prices
Best for: Chicken, dates, groups

While 대하 isn't the first 닭갈비 place I've written about, it's certainly the fanciest and most delicious.  The other has cheaper alternatives and more seating, but is generally lower quality.


For those that haven't had this Korean culinary masterpiece, 닭갈비 is chicken marinated in a spicy pepper sauce, stir fried along with cabbage and other optionals.  At this reputable restaurant you can add 우동 (thick noodles), 고구마 (sweet potatoes) or 떡 (rice cakes) for \1,500.  Also, when nearing completion of the main course you can have 볶음밥 (fried rice) mixed in for \2,000.  The main dish is \9,500 per person.

닭갈비 originates in the northern city of 춘천, where it was popular among students and soldiers due to its simplicity and low price.  This restaurant 대하, proudly claims to serve 닭갈비 of this traditional 춘천 style.

Note: the word 갈비 (galbi) usually refers to "rib meat," so 닭갈비 literally means "chicken rib meat."  However, it's just a borrowed term in this case; 닭갈비 is actually chicken meat in general, mostly breast and some legs.

When ordering 닭갈비, choose from three levels of spiciness:  매운맛 (mae-oon mat) is spicy, 중간맛 (joong-gan mat) is medium, and 순한맛 (soon-han mat) is mild.

물김치 (mool kimchi) is cabbage in a cold, sour soup.  It complements 닭갈비 for its ability to neutralize the spiciness.
See the 상추 (lettuce) on your table?  쌈 ("wrap") up some meat and sides!  Otherwise, it's not the most photogenic Korean food.

The laws of 안주 (anjoo) dictate which types of alcohol go with certain types of food.  In the case of a chicken dish, beer goes best.

볶음밥 mixed in and fried with chicken grease and spice.  Yummy.

Can't finish it? Say 포장 주세요 (po-jang jew-say-yo) and take the rest home for later.


대하 is a large place, offering both floor and chair seating.  The place has a 20-year reputation for quality 달갈비.  It can be quite busy around mealtimes.  It's on the fancy side, with stone and wooden surfaces and nature-ish decor that complements its view of the park.  It's not loud and drunk like other kinds of Korean restaurants due to the type of food.  While they do offer soju, it doesn't go well with chicken and therefore no one drinks it here.

The wall boasts a history of noteworthy patrons.


대하 is located downtown along the southeastern edge of the February 28th park.  From the stage, facing its front, turn left.  It's two blocks down on your left side.  Look for the big green signs.

The Address is: 대구광역시 중구 공평동 16-21
See map

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