"Meat Cooked by Men" (20/30 Alley)

고기 굽는 남자
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Great thick Pork
+ Convenient location
The Bad  - Very loud
Best for: Groups, Dates, Drinking        

This place specializes in thick 목살, or pork "neck meat."  Order the 왕 소금 구이 (wang so-gum gooey), meaning "King salted and grilled [pork]," for \8,000 per person.  As the restaurant's name promises, your thick hunks of meat will be cooked by thick hunky men.  The process looks like this: 

Just lay back and relax while your meat is being manhandled.  The men will do all the heavy-lifting.   All you need to do, if you so desire, is toss some sides onto the grill, such as 백김치 (white kimchi), 버섯 (mushrooms) and 마늘 (garlic).

The unsung heroes of BBQ restaurants are their sauces.  This place offers a satisfactory arrangement, including salt, a spicy pepper sauce and a teriyaki-style sauce.

The 쌈 effect: wrapping your meat is the most effective performance enhancer.  Just combine meat, sides and 쌈장 (bean and pepper paste) into a leaf of 상추 (lettuce).  Makes a great chaser for Soju shots.

흑미, or white rice mixed with some healthy black rice.
While the meat here is among the best on Samgyupsal Street, the men who cook it are this place's unique quality.  Very friendly when at your table, but when combined into a chorus that yells welcome, goodbye and every other transaction every few seconds, extremely loudly and in unison, let's just say the novelty wears off quickly.  If seated towards the front and center of this large restaurant, their shouts can be loud enough to stop conversations.  Depending on your attitude, it may make for a more lively scene.  Or it may be annoying -- borderline painful to sensitive ears -- especially on weekends when the place is crowded.  Otherwise it's your typical Korean BBQ & Soju setting, slightly on the fancy side.

"Meat Cooked by Men" is located on '20/30 Alley' (20대30대 골목), or Meat Street.  From Samduk Fire Station (삼덕소방서), head into downtown and make your first left onto "Club Street." Just before clubs Frog and MK you'll see the narrow Alley on your right.  It's a six stores down on your left.

The Address is: 대구광역시 중구 동성로3길 32-8
See map

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