Five-layer Meat (Oh-gyupsal)

Jeju 18th Pig
(제주 18번도야지)
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Jeju pork
+ Unique spicy dip
+ Favorite sauce (쌈장) and bean soup (된장찌개)
+ Friendly owner
The Bad   - Slightly expensive
- Limited seating
Best for: Groups, drinking, pork BBQ

This restaurant has been famous for over a decade, serving quality Jeju-style pork.  The specialty cut is 오겹살 (oh-gyup-sal), meaning "five-layer meat."  Slices from around the pig's belly, the five layers are clearly visible:  muscle, fat, muscle, fat, skin.  The skin makes one layer more than the more common 삼겹살 (which has four layers but is named "three-layer meat" because four is an unlucky word in Korean). But don't worry, at "Jeju 18th Pig" the top layer is carefully shaved, so the it's not hairy like at some restaurants.

The spicy sauce is this restaurant's claim to fame.  Boiling in an aluminum dish on your grill is a 젓갈 (jeotgal), a term for salted seafood sauces.  This one is made from 멸치 (myeol-chi), which means anchovies and very skinny people, and contains lots of 고추 (go-chu), or spicy peppers.  Dip your meat in for a tasty coating, or leave it marinating for full flavor.  The owner proudly claimed to be the only restaurant with this unique and delicious feature.

Also noteworthy is their sauce tray with 콩가루 (bean powder), homemade 간장 (soy sauce) with ground pepper, and my personal favorite for pork, 소금 (salt).  Furthermore, their homemade 쌈장 (lettuce-wrap sauce) is among my favorite anywhere, because of the two usual ingredients, it's heavier on the 된장 (bean paste) than the 고추장 (pepper paste), making it saltier than other places'.

Finally, their 된장찌개 (dwen-jang-jji-gae) is also among my favorite anywhere.  It's the spicy bean-paste broth with veggies and tofu, and makes a great chaser for Soju shots.  This is a free side dish, as long as you order one serving of rice, a.k.a. 밥 (bap).

All of their main meats are \8,000 per serving.  This is slightly higher than average, but the quality and sides make it worthwhile.  Pictured below is their 가브리 (gah-buh-li), a tougher cut of meat from a small area between the 목 (neck) and 등 (back).

It's small, with about 6 or 7 tables.  The owner is a very friendly guy, who appreciates a foreigner trying to speak Korean, and tries his best to speak English in return.  Other staff are friendly and eager to help with the grilling.

The place is well-known among BBQ connoisseurs, so it can be busy on weekends.  The weekdays usually see a few tables of businessmen gathering for traditional post-work Soju drinking.     

It's downtown near 삼덕소방서 (Samduk Fire Station).  Across the crosswalk from the Fire Station and 7/11, go down the side street.  Past Caliente, it's about 8 buildings down on your right, across from The Beijing and before Persimmon Tree House.

The Address is : 대구광역시 중구 삼덕동2가 129
See map

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