Unlimited Raw Tuna

Zino Tuna - (지노 참치)
Myeongdeok, Daegu

The Good+ Unlimited Tuna
+ ...and Swordfish
+ Side dishes galore!
+/- Pricey but worth it
The Bad  - May be full before refilling
Best for: Dates, groups, drinking, seafood

  Enjoy unlimited refills of everything you see here, including the main dish!  Just order "Zeno II" on the menu (see below), for \20,000 per person.  (Zeno I offered this minus some side dishes, but is no longer available.) 

The main dish is 참치회 (cham-chi hway).  참치 (cham-chi) means tuna, and 회  (hway, usually romanized as "hoe" for some weird reason) means thinly sliced raw meat, or the Korean version of Japanese Sashimi.

The 3 meat types, from left to right are:
참치뱃살 (tuna belly),
황새치 (swordfish),
and 참치속살 (tuna meat).

All 3 are super delicious.  They are so fresh and tender they'll evanesce in your orifice.
Side dishes, from top left, are tuna porridge, marinated tuna, mushrooms, fried shrimp, and a tuna burger patty. While all the side dishes are delicious and unlimited, I'd recommend saving room for refills of the main course.

계란탕 (gaelan tang) egg soup, 오뎅탕 (odaeng tang) fish-cake soup, and 콘치즈 corn cheese. 

Flying fish roe (eggs) with seaweed and rice.

Mixing and matching different meat, side dish, and condiment combos provided hours of entertainment. Warning: the wasabi here is potent!
Dip in 간장 (soy sauce) or 기름장 (sesame oil and salt); always a difficult choice. 

The award for my favorite combo goes to this one: tuna meat, white kimchi and mushroom dipped in salty sesame oil. 

The address is 명덕로34길 13번지 (see map)

It's located around the corner from 명덕역 (Myeongdeok Subway Station), which is one stop south of Banwoldang on the line #1, or the red line.

Go out exit 1 of the subway station.  Keep walking around the corner, and three blocks down there's a light and a crosswalk.  Cross the street at the crosswalk and take the side street to the right.  It's four buildings down on your left.

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  1. They changed the name to 동 화 (dong hwa) and the facade is blue. It is possibly in a new location. The cheapest menu item is 25,000 and comes with the same unlimited sashimi platter but maybe different and less sides. Still awesome!