Spicy Beef Stew (Jjim-galbi)

Dong-in Spicy Beef Stew Alley
(동인 찜갈비 골목)
Near Kyungpook University Hospital, Daegu

The Good+ Delicious beef stew
+ In spicy sauce
+ Daegu's claim to culinary fame
+ Choose a restaurant
The Bad   - Expensive
- Floor seating
Best for: Groups, dates, drinking


찜갈비 (JJim-galbi) is a bowl of beef chunks in a thick pepper sauce.  The sauce's red spiciness is what defines 찜갈비 as Daegu's specialty dish.  That, plus the name is rearranged to distinguish it from 갈비찜(Galbi-jjim), a nation-wide dish that's similar except not spicy.   찜갈비 was declared Daegu's #1 famous food in a Running Man Challenge.

The spicy sauce, made of pepper paste, bean paste, garlic and spices, helps make 찜갈비 so delicious.  Choose a piece of 상추 (lettuce), 깻닢 (sesame leaf) or 백김치 (white kimchi) and wrap up the beef along with side dishes and 됀장 (bean paste).  This process, known as 쌈 (literally "to wrap") can provide an excellent chaser for Soju shots.  Then, if you're still not 배불러, or "full," after the beef is gone, mix the remaining sauce with rice or bean sprouts for a tasty final course.

These restaurants all serve 찜갈비 as the main dish, and that's all.  Otherwise they only offer 찌개 (spicy soup) or 공기밥 (rice) to fill you up and of course beer and soju.  Our restaurant charged \14,000 for imported American beef and \16,000 for superior Korean beef.  Prices are per person, but the 찜갈비 is served in a stone pot or metal bowl for two people.

OOooo.  I went back and got some shiny new pics for my article here.  Apparently the pics still weren't good enough for those esteemed fellows to publish.

The alley has about 10 restaurants all with nearly identical menus and settings.  Most of them only have floor seating.  For some reason the alley tends to be busier during the day and quite at night, sometimes with unlit signs.

Here's the location on Naver Maps.  (It's a handy tool to be familiar with.  Click on the little alien head icon for an awesome 3D street view mode.)  

Or show the cab driver  동인 찜갈비 골목 (Dongin Jjimgalbi alley).   If you still can't find it, you aren't worthy.

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