Live Octopus

Seafood Tents
Chilseong Market, Daegu

The Good+ Fun to try
+ "I've done that"
+ Variety of seafood
The Bad  - It's moving!
- Pricey
Best for: The adventurous, seafood lovers

These tents are famous for 산낙지 (sannakji), meaning live octopus.  "Live" is a loose term here considering it's completely dismembered and its head discarded.  However, octopium (new plural for octopus) have complex nervous systems with multiple brains, allowing the arms to act independently.  That explains all the chaos happening on your plate!  Some pieces try to escape hoping to reunite with the Mothership, others cling for dear life, suctioning to the plate, your chopsticks, or the inside of your throat.  There have been cases of vengeful octopium choking consumers.  So don't forget to outsmart these intelligent creatures by dipping them in sesame oil thereby nullifying their suction power.

Or you could wait 20 minutes for them to give up.  But you're supposed to eat them as soon after the slaughter as possible to maximize the health benefits.  These include increased stamina for us humans, and, according to our chef, resurrection for dying livestock.

Soft Tofu, a free side dish.
These restaurants at Chilseong Market specialize in 산낙지, the medium-sized that octopus that are supposed to be chopped up before eating (unless you are a badass like Old Boy).  You'll have to go elsewhere for 세발낙지, a smaller octopus that's eaten whole.  But there are plenty of other seafoods to order, such as sea squirts (the orange things pictured here), eels, crabs, and all sorts of strange moving things.

Slithering Sea Dicks (unofficial name)
Sea Squirts

These seafood tents line both sides of a busy road alongside Chilseong Market.   Only being erected at night, they are fun places to drink.  The friendly chefs are usually hanging around the seating area, watching for passers-by to drag in, but also laughing at current patrons grossed out by moving meals.

Mixing soju and baek-saeju.
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It's the main street located along the southern edge of Chilseong Market.  Just show or tell a cab driver "칠성시장" (Chilseong Shi-jang), and you will see the tents upon arrival.  It's only a 5 minute drive from Downtown.

Or by subway, go to 칠성시장역 (Chilseong Market Station).  Walk out of Exits 1 or 2 and you'll see them.

**Remember the tents are only open at night.  Although they are in front of small indoor restaurants, which should be open by day.

See map

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