Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken (Dalk-galbi)

Yoo-ga-nae Dak-galbi
(유가네 닭갈비)
Downtown, Daegu

The GoodStir Fry Chicken
Good service
English on the menu
The Bad  Not a Party
Limited side dishes
Best for: Small groups, lunch, dinner on a quiet night

Their title dish, 닭갈비 (dak gal-bi), is chicken marinated in a spicy sauce and fried with cabbage in a large pan.  It originated in the northern city of Chuncheon in the 60's, where it became popular among soldiers and students due to it's low price.  It is also known as "commoners' galbi," because it is a cheaper alternative to galbi ("rib meat") of pork or beef (although dalkgalbi itself does not include chicken rib meat).

The prices on the menu are per person, with the regular at \6,500 and the extra spicy at \7,000.  Then you can order auxiliaries, such as cheese for \2,000, or a combo of noodle, mushroom, potato, and rice cake for \3,000 (pictured above pre-noodle).  Also, at any point during the meal you can have rice mixed in for \1,000.  The side dishes are self serve, but only include kimchi, cold kimchi soup, pickled radish, and salad.  They offer the usual range of alcohol, although only beer seems to fit the food.

The place is bright and colorful with cartoon murals painted on the walls.  It's not your usual Korean BBQ place with flowing Soju and loud crowds.  It's a tamer restaurant that attracts families and students. The wait staff is ample and will do all the cooking for you.

The location picture here is near TGI Fridays downtown.  Take Jungangro exit 2 and make an immediate left.  It's a few buildings down on the left.  From the stage downtown, by the Burger King and McDonalds, walk off the front of the stage towards the Novotel main road, make your next left and it's a few buildings down on your right.  See map

There are two other locations in Daegu, one near Keimyeong University Station and one across from Kyungbook University North Gate.  See map

For a better 닭갈비 place, I recommend 대하닭갈비 (Dae-huh) nearby.  


  1. Hey Sean...This your favorite Dak-galbi place? When you say 'From the stage...Do you mean looking at it, or your back to it?

    Think we'll try it out tonight...if we can find it.


    1. Hey Billy, yea it's one of my favs. from the stage, with your back to the front of it.