Spicy BBQ

Ma Shi Bul - (마시불)
Sincheon, Daegu

The Good+ Addicting sauce
+ Best mak-chang
+ Variety of animals
+ Decent side dishes and soups
The Bad  - Loud and busy
Best for: Groups, drinking, trying interesting new meats

Mashibul's trademark is their spicy sauce, or 양념 (yang nyum).  This sauce of secret origins is unique and difficult to describe.  Let's just say it has an addicting flavor your mouth will never forget.  You'll find it on a separate dipping tray on your table, but it also marinates most of their meats.

The menu seems like a random assortment, including 오징어 (squid), 곰장어 (chewy type of eel), 아나고 (soft type of eel), 닭발 (chicken feet) and 막창 (pig rectum).  The last one may sound nasty, but is by far my favorite meat ever.  If its initial chewiness bothers you, cut it thin and cook it crispy.  The sauce chars quickly so be sure to flip often.

Mashibul claims to have the #1 양념막창 (marinated makchang) in Daegu, a bold statement here in makchang's city of origin.

Pictured above is the 양념오징아 (spicy squid) and the famed 양념막창 (spicy pig rectum)

The soy bean soup, or 된장찌개 (dwen jang jji gae), is very delicious here.   You need to ask for it and pay \1,000 extra.

Mashibul has your typical Korean BBQ setting.  There are about 15 metal tables with grills and ventilation.  There's usually a loud and drunk crowd with staff running around frantically.  The place is extremely popular, so it's usually packed.  It's full even on weeknights, so expect to wait for a table on weekends.

Grills need to be changed frequently due to burnt sauce.  Just ask 불판 바꿔 주세요(bool-pan ba-kwa jew-say-yo).

From Downtown: less than 10 minute, ~\4,000, taxi ride.  Turn left at Chung Gu Nae Guh Li (청구내거리), and it's a few blocks up on your left.  It's diagonally across from the Daegu Bank.

By subway: Take the red-line to Sincheon subway station (신처 역).  Go out exit 4.  It'll be two blocks down on your right.

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