Pork BBQ with Eggs

The Beijing
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Korean BBQ with eggs
+ Side dish buffet
+ Somewhat fancy
+ Balcony, pond, and jumbo screen
The Bad   - Decent meat, but not highest quality
Best for: Groups, dates, drinking, anytime

Their signature meat, at the top of the menu, is 갈매기살 (gal-mae-gi-sal).  Don't worry, it's not "seagull meat" as the name literally means in Korean; it's pork skirt-meat, or the pig's diaphragm.   갈매기살 is leaner than other pork cuts and almost seems beef-like.

The Beijing is unique for grilling eggs, which the waiter will pour into the iron trough around your grill. Then add some 파 (pah), or spring onion, and remember to flip.  Just keep in mind that this feature is only for the less-fatty 갈매기살.  Their other meats, the typical Korean BBQ pork such as 삼겹살 ("three-layer meat"), 오겹살 ("five layer meat"), 목살 ("neck meat"), and 막창 (pig intestine), require a different type of grill and will not be served with eggs.  If you order these, the waiter will switch out the grate for a pan to prevent their fatty drip from starting fires.  Upon ordering multiple kinds of meat the waiter may try to explain that you'll be eating one first before another.

Beside the eggs, another worthynote is The Beijing's side dishes.  The first round is delivered by the waiter, but refills require a trip to the side dish buffet.  There is a decent selection of grillable veggies (kimchi, onions, garlic), salads and sauces.

The place is large, with two floors of both indoor and outdoor seating, although usually only the 1st floor balcony is occupied.  The balcony provides open-air dining in the warmer months, and is enclosed and heated in the winter.  Across the reflecting pool from the balcony is a jumbo screen that usually shows K-pop concerts or variety shows.

  It is a little on the fancy and expensive side, and tends to attract couples and co-workers.  Otherwise it is your typical Korean BBQ place, with round metal grill tables, plastic chairs and of course, Soju.

Downtown near 삼덕소방서, or Sam-duck fire station.  Cross at the light in front of the 7/11, heading away from the main downtown area.  Go down the side street, past Caliente, and it's 40 seconds down on your left, across from the Jeju 18 Pork and before the Persimmon Tree House.

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  1. The garlic seasoned skirt meat was tasty! This place reminded me of a sports bar as there was a baseball game on the big screen TV and lots of young people around. We enjoyed this restaurant very much.

    1. Thanks for the perspective! Glad you had a good time.