Cheap Noodles

Delicious Noodle House
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Cheap food / decent portions
+ Friendly grandmother
+ Cheap alcohol
The Bad   - Old place, Old people :)
- No English~ no foreigners spotted here...ever
Best for: Cheap meals, small groups, drinking

In case you haven't heard, the food is CHEAP.  Not inexpensive cheap, I mean DIRT cheap.  The meal pictured at top only cost \15,500 and fed 3 of us!  It included that giant 부추전 (boo-choo juhn) vegetable pancake, the 닭도리탕 (dalk do-li-tang) spicy chicken stew more commonly know as 찜닭 (jjim-dalk), a plate of bulgogi, two orders of rice, and a bottle of 막걸리 (mak-guhli) rice wine.

Side dishes are self-serve, but were limited to lettuce, onions in soy sauce, kimchi, and 삼정 (sam-jung) bean paste..  The place is best known for it's noodle dishes, which are the items ending in 국시 - see the menu below

[UPDATE: March 21]
On another occasion, a filling meal for two only cost \8,000.  The dishes were 비빔국시(bibim gukshi) noodle "mix," and 김치두부전 (kimchi dooboo juhn) kimchi-tofu pancake, along with a bottle of 옥수수 막걸리(oke-soo-soo mak-guhli) corn-flavored rice wine.

Here's another meal.  A 부추전 (boo-choo juhn) veggie pancake, a 김치두부전 (kimchi dooboo juhn) kimchi-tofu pancake and two bottles of Makgeolli, all for \10,000.

[Easily learn how to make your own juhn, or Korean "pancakes."]

This establishment has been standing for thirty years.  So while it has a cozy local feeling, it's not exactly fresh and clean.  The old lady can be very nice, especially if you call her 어머니(uh-muh-nee), meaning mother.  The low prices seem to draw a crowd of workers and the elderly.  And of course there is alcohol, although they close early (around 10 or 11pm) so things don't become too rowdy.

Downtown Daegu, between Jungangro and Daegu Station subway stops (red-line).  From Jungangro take exit 4 and it's a few buildings down on your left.

The Address is : 대구광역시 중구 화전동 46-13
See Naver Map

Their specialties are the 국시, the first four on the main page.  In order they are: "festival" (assorted veggies in beef broth), soft tofu, "mixed" (vegetables), and fried octopus. In the right column are drinks: soju, beer, rice wine, and "drinks,"

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