Clam BBQ

삼면이 바다 
"Ocean on 3 Sides"
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Grilling clams!
+ Wide assortment of crustaceans
+ Entertaining staff and setting
The Bad- Uncomfortable seating
- No side dishes
- Pricey
Best for: Seafood lovers, groups, drinking and fun

Food: Their signature menu items are combination plates: the small costs \39,000 and feeds two people; the medium is \49k for three; and the large is \59k for four.  The combos include shrimp, oysters, abalone, scallops and about 4 to 6 different types of clams.  Each one has its own labor-intensive cooking procedure, so you'll be relying expertise and diligence of the waiters.  Despite all the hard work and a massive pile of clam shells (and high price), the combos may not leave you saying 배불러 ("I'm full"). And unlike most Korean places, you can't rely on side dishes filling you up because they are limited to one mussel broth and a dish of carrots and peppers.   For that reason order a few 도시락  (doh-shi-lak) for \4,000 each, and fill up on these metal lunch boxes packed with rice, kimchi, pork, and an egg.  Order a \1,000 cup of cheese, a.k.a. 치즈 (chee-juh), for a tasty complement.  And don't forget about the tinfoiled surprise baking in the coals.

Atmosphere: If you want a quiet, romantic dinner stay away from this place.  Everything is loud: the waiters, the music, the clams.  It has sort of a club-ish vibe to it, with the wacky paint jobs and posters on the walls, the flashy lights and the dance music.  The camo-wearing waiters can be quite entertaining, and they have to spend a while at your table flaming your clams.  Clams sometimes spit during their final moments of agony, so be sure to drop your coat and other possessions in the garbage bag for protection.  The only major downside to the setting is the furniture.  The seats are tiny plastic stools with no backrest, and the aluminum table is too shaky to lean on, leaving you with no way to relax.  But hopefully you'll be enjoying yourself enough to not notice.

Location: Downtown, very close to the Samduk fire station, or 삼덕소방서 (sam-duk so-bung-suh).  It's two stores down from the 7/11 next to the fire station.

It's across the street from the 3-story, well-lit Pork and Beef BBQ place, and two stores down from my favorite place to grab a late-night Hangover Soup.

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"If you look like these girls or Girls Generation, your food is free.
If you look like [the pop group] Sister, it's 70% discount.
If you look like a comedian, we'll applaud you."
"If you drop chopsticks five times you can get the free experience of washing dishes."

For another seafood place nearby, try this grilled octopus place around the corner.

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