Beef BBQ

Solnanggu - (솔낭구)
Downtown, Daegu

The Good+ Favorite Beef place!
+ Juicy side dishes
+ Downtown
+ Decent price
The Bad  - Limited seating
Best for: Drinking, small or medium groups

The wise Biggie Smalls once pondered the question: "what's beef?"  Well, at Solnanggu he'd find a juicy and delicious answer for a reasonable price.

For \8,000 per 130g serving, choose between two types of beef:
1) their specialty 양념 소갈비살 (yang-nyum soh-galbisal), or beef rib-meat marinated in garlic sauce; and
2) regular unmarinated 소갈비살 (soh-galbisal).
Oh yeah, and if you're feeling adventurous,
 they also have 닭발, or chicken feet.
In my opinion the difference is minimal.  If cooked medium or medium-rare, both meats are extra juicy.  And eaten tandem with the meat, the side dishes provide surpluses of flavor.  Grill up some 마늘 (garlic), 양파 (onions), and especially 백김치 (white kimchi), which tastes almost cheese-like.  Their juicy meats also go great with their juicy side salad.  And speaking of juicy, wrap all of the above into a lettuce leaf for one giant explosion of juiciness.  If that's not enough tasty enough for you, add some 기름장 (sesame oil with salt) or 쌈장 (which is made of 된장, or bean paste, but referred to as "lettuce wrap sauce" in restaurant context).

I'm also a fan of their 된장찌개, or bean paste soup, which is worth the extra \1,000.  The 김치찌개, or kimchi soup (shown in pics) isn't bad either, but is \5,000.  Also order rice servings (공기밥 on the menu) for \1,000 each.  

Solnanggu also bears the title of "Smoke House," according to my buddies and me; we found the place a while back due to thick smoke pouring out and filling the whole street.  They have since rearranged the ventilation system, but it's still a favorite, regular spot of ours.

There's not much else to say about the place.  It's small, with only six tables in the main area and a few more near the kitchen.  On occasion it has been too busy to get a seat around dinnertime, even on a weeknight.

Otherwise, it has your typical Korean BBQ setting.  And the staff are also very friendly.

Near Travellers' Bar, downtown Daegu.  Walk out of Travellers' because it's boring and overpriced Western food, turn left, and make your first left down a side street (not the little dead end alley).  It's also the same side street as Lazy Diner.  Leave that other loser Western restaurant behind, and Solnanggu is a few stores down on your left.

From 삼덕소방서 (Samduk Fire Station) head into the main downtown area.  Make your second left, then make your third right (at the hat store).
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